Venue focus: The Fleeting Arms, York

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fleeting arms

We’re taking a few moments to focus on each of the lovely venues we’ll be visiting with The Maids. Last but by no means least is:

The Fleeting Arms, York

Now this is something very special indeed!
The Fleeting Arms is a┬ánot-for-profit┬ápop-up venue – an old pub coverted into a multi-purpose arts space, venue and bar. It is the result of a number of local Artists, theatre folk, craftsmen and creators all getting together and, rather than talking about creating something magical for their city, actually doing something about it.
Massive work has gone into the conversion, and the subsequent organisation and running of the space – and it is a testament to the philanthropy, creative drive and commitment to the improvement of their own cultural environment of the team behind it. We love it!
The space itself is going to be unlike any other on the tour – our production of The Maids will be morphed and moulded into this wonderfully unconventional venue. For a start many of you audience will be sat on the stage!
When we began our planning for the tour, we wanted to include, alongside more traditional spaces, unconventional and unexpected locations to perform which would challenge the production and shape the atmosphere and tone of the play. At the Fleeting Arms we’re getting all of that.
We cannot wait to play here.
fleeting arms

The Fleeting Arms, Gillygate, YO31, York

Thurs 4th – Sat 6th June 2015