Soundtracking Unreality – Writing music for Playboy…

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Composer Alexander King has produced stunning music and sound for all of Hedgepig’s productions. He returns again for Playboy of the Wide World: 

Once again I was extremely pleased to be asked to work with the super talented folks at Hedgepig Theatre, along with some new faces I’ve not had the pleasure of collaborating with yet. But this one was going to be a little bit different…

Director Andy Curry spent some time painting me a vivid picture of the world he wanted to create. A rural, isolated, blinkered and paranoid microcosm of a world gone wrong. A world turned upside down by a young man with a fantastic tale to tell.

The challenge for me, as composer, is to create music that could live in our world, but with a twist. All rules of reality are thrown out of the window as the script careers out of control, and the soundtrack will too.

Found sounds, samples, news reports, traditional ethnic instruments, sound effects and a big surprise at the end. What more could you ask for?

One thing’s for sure – our audience will leave the theatre with the feeling they’ll never see (or hear) anything quite like POTWW again very soon.

PLAYBOY OF THE WIDE WORLD runs from 17th – 21st July 2013 in Leeds and York. More details and online tickets can be found at

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