Playboy of the Wide World

Written by Andy Curry and Hedgepig Theatre
Based on the play by J.M. Synge
Directed by Andy Curry

Toured across Yorkshire July 2013

There’s nowt twixt a hero’s tale and an evil deed.

A sleepy rural community is shaken by the arrival of a mysterious and dangerous young man. On the run for killing his own evil Father, the town hails him as a hero. The women want him, and men want to be him. The village and all it’s dubious riches are his for the taking.

And then his Father turns up, very much alive.

Hedgepig Theatre have taken J.M. Synge’s original Playboy of the Western World, torn it apart and rebuilt it from the ground up, to their own twisted specification.

Bold as brass, big and brash; Hedgepig’s Playboy of the Wide World is a dark, wildly comic tale of rural folk and rural ways, heroes and villains, patricide and love. And goats.

"This is the stuff of classic farce, and Curry and his combative cast hurl themselves hugely enthusiastically and very effectively into the kind of kinetic, chaotic comedy that flavoured Dario Fo and Joe Orton's social satires.

Julia Smith's costume designs cleverly mix and match past and present and Alexander King's music and sound designs contribute to the fun, as does a closing cover version that must be the oddest choice ever for a sing-song but sums up the roistering spirit of Curry's cracker."

− York Press

"That a romantic comedy farce can finish with a cast performance of Phil Collins' Against All Odds and still make me laugh is testament to the strength of the company and the goodwill built up during a hilarious performance of an old classic play, with a ridiculously committed cast. I look forward to the next Hedgepig production."




Jamie McKellar


Stuart Freestone


Anna Rose James

Nelly / Assistant Director

Roxanna Klimaszewska


Bill Laughey


Jon Adams

Jim / Susan

Beryl Nairn

The Widow Quinn

Andy Love

Michael the Landlord


Andy Curry


Alexander King


Julia Smith

Costume Designer

Kelli Zezulka

Lighting Designer

Mike Ritchie


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