Half-country-girl: POTWW Assistant Director Anna Rose James talks bumpkins, cheese rolling and the Wicker Man.

Anna Rose James – Assistant Director of PLAYBOY OF THE WIDE WORLD – kicks off our cast and crew blogs:

“I have wrangled my way into another Hedgepig production! Hoorah! This will be my first return to the company since my role as Nell Gwyn in Playhouse Creatures, which definitely gave me an appetite for being a Hedgepig. I had a lot of fun researching and developing my acting role then, and I am looking forward to being involved in another playful, clever, thoughtful production with the team.

I have snuck in this time as Assistant Director to Mr Curry, and have been furiously and excitedly taking notes at all discussions and readthroughs so far to contribute to the Boss Man’s vision.

Being half-country-girl myself, having spent half my growing-up in the Forest of Dean, I am delighted that Hedgepig’s take on J. M. Synge’s play is settling in a rural English environment, celebrating the Bumpkin and the Rah in turn. I feel very at home with sheep-counting songs, cheese rolling and complicated love shapes-of-infinite-corners.

Speaking of corners,I shall probably be the annoying one in the corner of rehearsals, documenting anything and everything on various types of technology – everything is worth catching! Every Father Ted joke, every League of Gentlemen facial expression, every Hot Fuzz reference.

I am particularly excited by the wild nature of the characters of the village in the story. Living by a law of their own seems quite a fantastic dream to me. Who doesn’t want a Wicker Man and an incestuous maypole in their life? I have always been interested in the boundaries of social behaviour; what people do when left to their own devices, what is acceptable or not and why, and how far you can push those boundaries when in certain conditions. Isolation serves some very well.

And on that foreboding note… Happy Friday!

Or as we Foresters might say, “Ow bist ol butt, bist gonna ave’n or wot?”
(“Hello, darling, would you care to participate in sexual intrcourse?”)

– Anna Rose James, Assistant Director, PLAYBOY OF THE WIDE WORLD

PLAYBOY OF THE WIDE WORLD runs from 17th – 21st July 2013 in Leeds and York. More details and online tickets can be found at http://www.hedgepigtheatre.co.uk/playboy.php