CAST DIARY: Jon Adams – Playboys, goats, cross-dressing, murder and suchlike…

Our next cast diary is courtesy of one half of our cross-dressing double act – Jon Adams who plays both Jim and Susan.


“…I find myself intrigued, excited, nervous, and OTHER EMOTIONAL STATES AS WELL.

This is because tomorrow I get to throw myself into the crazy world of Arthur Brown Butros Butros Gali Hedgepig Theatre’s Playboy of the Wide World.  Sink or swim, kid.  We’ve already had a fun evening attacking Jamie McKeller (his body, not his character or fiscal prudence), which was a great introduction to the physicality that’s going to be part of this production.  It’s going to be FULL ON, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the uninitiated (i.e. most people), I’m playing the dual parts of Jimmy and Susan, opposite Anna Rose James (also our assistant director!) as Phil and Nelly.  Now, I’m very much in my comfort zone playing a boy-crazed young girl, but a lecherous, drunken socialist-cum-philosopher?  This will take some work.

We’ve got such a versatile and inventive cast here, and I just can’t wait to start playing about in this mad, mad world that Andy is herding us into, like so many Communist goats to their cliff-based doom.  Or something.

Anyway, cheers for now…no doubt I’ll have some odd dreams tonight that will be eclipsed only by the coming rehearsal!”


PLAYBOY OF THE WIDE WORLD runs from 17th – 21st July 2013 in Leeds and York. More details and online tickets can be found at