CAST DIARY: Andy Love – In search of a beard

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Andy Love has previously been seen as the perpetually drunk clown O’Reilly in Hedgepig’s Truman Capote adaptation Double Barrel: Master Misery. Just to prove he’s not a one trick pony, we have him back for Playboy of the Wide world – playing perpetually drunk landlord Michael. Here he explains his erm… unique character process:

Now, many actors can struggle to find a character. 

They are never happy until they have the voice or the stance pitched just right; some have to find the walk, perhaps adding a limp or a stoop; yet more will add a nervous giggle or a squint whilst others (no names, no pack drill) play the same character time after time.

For me, my performance begins with the beard (actually, many will argue that it also ends with the beard, but that’s another issue).

So, what facial wonder would Michael, landlord of the most unwelcoming of rural pubs, single father to Peggy and inebriate of the highest order, sport?  Clearly, stubble of any sort would not pass muster for this man, and a well trimmed affair would surely be an anathema to him.  Clearly, surviving the rough treatment that life has hurled at him would mean that whatever emerges from his follicles will be tinged with grey (besides Hedgepig production costs will not stretch to Grecian 2000) and would definitely be as unruly as his tongue. Ideally, it would be the type of beard that mice would love to call home, but given we have but three weeks until first night, I will need to forego that requirement.

I am hoping that Michael will get to down a fair number of pints during each performance, so the ability to mop up any spillages would be a definite advantage and I’d  like to think that remnants of the odd bar snack, maybe Scampi Fries, could be hiding in there, to be retrieved during my contractual second act respite.

So, in short, apart from the fact that Michael will most definitely be a barbate barman, the search for the definitive beard (and character) continues.

Come and see what scale and form Love’s beard has taken on at PLAYBOY OF THE WIDE WORLD runs from 17th – 21st July 2013 in Leeds and York.
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