Behind the scenes with Christine AKA Vic Delaney

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We asked our very own Christine AKA Leeds actor Victoria Delaney to document one of our more eclectic rehearsals recently. Here’s her behind the scenes report on Miss Julie:
Victoria Delaney
First Miss Julie rehearsal of 2013 promised to be full of little treats, not least of which was an opportunity to meet my Christine costume and have my first test drive.
So, I arrived and was quickly hurried into a delightful side room by Julia Smith the costume designer and Gemma Sharp (The Countess herself!) for ‘wardrobe’.
I was secretly praying that any yuletide over indulgences hadn’t resulted in an unfortunate costume misfit. After all, the measurements were all taken pre-christmas dinner/boxing day buffet/birthday meal/new year four course. Happily, my cook’s costume was perfect and as soon as I tried it on, I felt an unexplainable need to start rustling up something delightful for supper!
Next was a photo shoot for the theatrical trailer and the theatre tour merchandise. My instructions seemed simple enough:
“Be demonstrative, with your hands, gesture your feelings, show it in your face, in your movements, and then freeze whilst we get the shot.”
“Feeling ridiculous yet Vic?”
“Just a little… actually… well quite a lot really!.”
But Hey, you get used to feeling ridiculous on a regular basis in this line of work, to be honest, you start to worry if you don’t feel ever so slightly unnecessary – like you’re not pushing yourself hard enough!
Victoria Delaney
So with photos captured, we went on with the real work – the rehearsal… but this time was different, this time I was in costume. I felt completely ‘Christined’…maybe it was the unusually high collar, maybe it was the fitted smock dress, could even have been the pinny, but I knew instinctively if anyone came between me and my veal roast they would surely feel the wrath of my rolling pin round the back of their neck . I was ferocious, and I have a feeling that was just the beginning. I must try to keep Christine in check, I can sense a feisty one, and she’s frightfully religious, a most unnerving combination.
We finished our evening by recording a voice over for the trailer. Now I’d love to say we went to some plush studio to record said voiceover, I’d love to – but I can’t… but to be fair, when you listen, I’ll wager you’d never know the difference, such is the resourcefulness and ingenuity of our Director/ Sound Recorder.
It’s now less than a week until we open, photos have been captured, voices have been recorded, music composed ( well near as damn it), costumes are starting to look amazing, and the trailer is about to be released.
You are in for a treat you lot – a treat!
Miss Julie runs from 15th January to 7th February at venues across Yorkshire.