About Us

Who are Hedgepig Theatre?

Hedgepig Theatre are an independent theatre company based in York, founded by Gemma Sharp and Andy Curry.

We set out to produce original, striking and thought-provoking theatre. How we do this can vary – we’ve put on existing plays, written new adaptations (or complete rewrites) of classic plays and short stories, and devised entirely new work for specific locations and events.

Where we do it can vary wildly too – we produce work for traditional theatre spaces, but also love to take ourselves to more unusual locations such as our recent pub tours Double Barrel or our site-specific interactive festival show Olympiarts.

Our approach to theatre

What we love most is telling stories – it’s at the essence of what we do. We want to create worlds that can be transported anywhere – be it in a theatre, a pub upstairs room or a street corner. We’re not claiming to subscribe to one stylistic form or approach or whatever – we’ll embrace whatever works for the story we’re telling. Saying that – you’ll not likely find huge-scale, lavish, naturalistic sets in our productions – we like to keep things stripped down, agile and utilitarian.

The spaces and environments in our plays are defined more by the performances, the physical work on stage as well as the superb lighting, costume and sound design of our crew.

We endeavour to use the vast array of amazing local talent that exists in the North Yorkshire area – be they actors, writers, artists, technical crew and musicians. We are part of a network emerging in North Yorkshire that aims to provide individuals in the creative industries with an alternative and keep their talent in the area.

Hedgepig Theatre also runs theatre workshops in local schools, providing students with practical performance skills training as well as providing insights into the practicalities of creating modern theatre.